Ready to Create Marketing that Actually Works?

Get lifetime access to all of my courses, resources and step by step marketing tactics for just $500.

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Step by Step Courses

GrowthSprout members get access to my growing (and constantly updated) library of courses covering everything you need to survive and thrive in business.

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Pre-Made Marketing

You'll also get access to my ever-growing library of pre-made marketing including things like ready-to-import email sequences, landing pages, Canva templates, and more.


Real-Time Support

If at any time you get stuck or have a question relating to business or marketing, simply send me an email and expect an answer before the end of the next business day.

Ready to Replace Overwhelm With Serious Results?

Ever feel like being in business is all-too-hard?

Well, you're not alone. Starting, running and thriving in your own business is no easy feat- you suddenly need to be a master of everything from finances and accounting to people management to marketing.

I created GrowthSprout to help take the overwhelm out of business, so you can achieve your goals sooner and get that balance back in check between work and life.

I can't wait to see what you'll achieve.

Welcome To GrowthSprout.

Your Complete Roadmap for Achieving Success In Business.

No more guessing what you should be doing next to achieve your goals. My step by step coaching program will map out exactly what courses you should complete, in what order, for exactly where you're at in business (and exactly what business you're in).

…No more Overwhelm trying to guess 'what next' to grow your business.

…No more spending a fortune purchasing individual courses that only give you ONE piece of the puzzle.

…No more trying to decipher the actual steps to take from courses full of theory and best practice.

…No more questions swirling around your head with nowhere to go to ask them.

With GrowthSprout, not only will you receive instant and permanent access to over 20 business & marketing courses, you'll also receive a tailor made coaching program built for your business based on your stage of business, type of business and industry.

Your coaching program will map out exactly what courses and step-by-step tactics to complete, in what order, to achieve the specific goals, or solve the specific problems, you have in your business today.

So, whether you're in the process of planning your escape from corporate life, or you're 10 years down the track, GrowthSprout will have something ready for your specific needs right now.

Accelerate your success and save you years of painful trial and error.

What’s the catch?

There is none.

Not only does your $500 fee give you permanent access to everything in GrowthSprout today, and everything that I add in the future...

You'll also get access to my 14-day happiness guarantee.

If, within the first 14 days of signing up, you don't feel that you received value from your investment, simply let me know and we'll cancel your membership and provide a complete, 100%, no questions asked refund.

What have you got to lose?

Get Serious about your business (and life) goals. no more excuses.

Whether you want to create a business that gives you the ultimate nomad lifestyle, simply follow your passion and be paid for it, or build an empire, GrowthSprout will give you the tools and knowledge you need to get there sooner.

  • Stop wasting time learning; focus your time on doing.
  • Swap overwhelm for serious action every week.
  • Never Google 'how to...' again
  • Invest your time in the strategies that will actually make you money
  • Refine the foundations of your business to set you up for success
  • Be supported every step of the way by myself and my 'sprouts'

What's included in your membership?

All courses

Lifetime access to all of my current and future courses, including any future updates

All Resources

Access to my library of ever-growing resources (including all the paid resources you can see in the shop on this website) accessible through my members-only 'resources' section of GrowthSprout

All Tactics

Lifetime access to my ever-growing library of step-by-step tactics, with tactics to show you how to do everything from recording a webinar to running an Instagram giveaway.

Tailored Growth Program

Tailored growth program based on your business type & stage of business that will map out exactly what to do (which courses, resources, tactics) in what order, so you always have a clear 'next step' to focus on

Planning Tools

My growing range of planning tools that you can use to define your value, refine your messaging, and create your ideal personas / customer avatars

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Working with Kat has been incredible, she has laid out every step to take in order to organise myself and my business it has honestly been such a refreshing experience! Not to mention Kat is so supportive and really invests time into your business and making sure you achieve! I highly highly recommend her course it'll change your approach completely! 💛

Layla Kaisi

Love Growthsprout and the customised journey that Kat creates for us. She breaks it down into step by step processes that are easy (and not too overwhelming) to tackle. The weekly phone calls are a really great way to get personalised advice and for all my questions to be answered! Looking forward to implementing more tactics and making my website awesome!

Fairina Cheng
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I am so thrilled that i took the leap with Kat and Growthsprout. Being a small business owner is hard, you're expected to be an expert at everything and i certainly am not. With Growthsprout, Kat gave me step by step instructions that are easy to follow, which have made my business' marketing and overall growth far more successful. I love that the tactics are not just theory, you actually are working on your business. Definately money well spent.

Tanya Pettingill
Jolly Soles
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I absolutely love working with Kat, joining her program is the best money I’ve spent.

The GrowthSprout program is so easy to follow and it’s tailored to my business. When I’m working on a tactic, I’m working on my business, it’s not theory. I’ve done more in the weeks I’ve been using the program than I did in the months before.

Aside from answering all my questions Kat keeps me on track and has so many valuable insights and advice to offer. She really is an expert in what she does and she is committed to helping you succeed. She actually goes above and beyond to help you do so.

It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business and I absolutely would recommend Kat and GrowthSprout to any business owner.

Denis Esat

Kat has been integral to the success of my business in these early stages. She has awealth of knowledge about everything I've had questions on. My business has grown by 75% in the first two months of being open due to Kat's tactics. Seriously if you are wondering whether or not to spend the money because you are a small business this is the sign you were looking for. Being a solo business owner is hard and Kat has made it easy.

Blaisey McCann
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